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Schlimgen Logistics Solutions

We're doing it.
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From the Cologne / Bonn region all over the world – we bring your freight safely to its destination. Always and everywhere. We prefer to convince you in a personal conversation. Until then, our website will give you an insight into what we do and who we are.


A network and service that you can rely on.


Customer satisfaction is the be-all and end-all, which is why we deliver and store with the highest quality.


We offer you transparency and traceability in the supply chain.



We pick up your export shipments from the sender and bring them to Cologne / Bonn and Düsseldorf airports. We take care of the delivery of import shipments in North Rhine-Westphalia. We pick up your shipments and transport them to our warehouse; From there it goes on to Frankfurt on the same day. We call this "RheinRuhr Service".


We accept your shipments in our transshipment warehouse and process them completely - every day, in a rush. We consolidate, label and pick your freight - on request, we can also build aircraft sheet metal (ULD) for you. We check your freight shipments in accordance with EU directives - this is done by our own team of aviation security officers.


We consolidate your local transport shipments in our warehouse. We offer groupage / line haul from Cologne / Bonn and Düsseldorf to Frankfurt and back every day. We also offer daily collective transport between our terminals in Cologne / Bonn and Düsseldorf.


We take over the storage of air, sea and land freight in any form for you - on 12,000 square meters we offer you block storage as well as various pallet and small storage racks. We load and unload sea containers for you. We pick, pack and palletize your shipments for further transport or sale.


We help you with the flexible planning of your vehicle fleet. We take over complete vehicle tours on a permanent basis and, if you wish, we can also arrange for you. This service is not off the shelf, it is highly individual - from the driver's know-how to the company color of the vehicles.


We are certified as a “regulated agent” by the Federal Aviation Office. Handling secure air freight is our daily business. We offer you all permissible control procedures for your air freight shipments: dual-view x-ray machines, explosives detectors and explosives detection dogs. Our storage area is monitored with the most modern video equipment.