Forwarding & logistics

Do you have deliveries abroad or certain customs areas? Do not worry. Because thanks to our many years of expertise and experience, we are equipped for every obstacle.


Warehouse & logistics

The logistics for air freight is of course our unique selling point – but of course we can do a lot more than that. We have gained a lot of experience over the last few decades, especially in the warehouse and logistics sector. Especially when it comes to project business for other freight forwarders. Our role as a neutral service provider for other logisticians is very important to us. Often your customers or agents come to you with logistics queries that you cannot present yourself – that’s where we come in. Sea freight: import of truck rims, quality control, repairing the rims. Food logistics: handling and distribution of food / non-food shipments with separately scheduled local transport, hazardous goods packaging for cosmetic products and container stowage.


We know it: As a freight forwarder, you are active worldwide. But you cannot be there yourself everywhere.
Your customers use your air and ocean freight services. To do this, you rely on a network of strong partners. We are one of them! We offer you the best services, because we draw on many years of experience and well-established processes.
For the transport of air and sea freight shipments, the following applies to us: punctual and reliable is a must, friendly and helpful is a matter of course. This is how we bring your consignment to and from your customers in local transport. There are groupage transports from airport to airport.
No vehicles of your own? We are carriers through and through. It doesn’t matter whether you need a whole truck or just a small corner in the cargo hold. That’s why we are on the roads of Germany every day.


Our locations serve as a hub for processing import and export shipments. Among other things, we take care of customs clearance, do DGR checks, label your shipments, build ULD sheets and everything else that occurs during physical and documentary handling. Our new logistics area in the Troisdorf “Camp Spich” is designed for fast and smooth shipment handling. Our boys and girls in the camp have mastered their craft and their equipment inside out.
The control of air freight shipments is important for a secure supply chain. We use state-of-the-art X-ray and explosives detector technology as well as explosives detection dogs.